Zlatanera ‘Legerdemain’ Out Today & Streaming In Full With The Sludgelord

Zlatanera Promo 2016

Northern Irish stoner, doom, heavy metal mash up outfit Zlatanera today release their debut record Legerdemain, and to mark the occasion the band are streaming the album in full at The Sludgelord. Check it out HERE.


Guitarist Willie Caulfield reflects on the writing of the album, “There was no plan or discussion regarding what direction we were going to go in musically with it. After years of playing in much heavier bands we just kind of subconsciously found ourselves ‘going back to our roots’ and writing music in the vein of the bands that had influenced us when we were younger. We are aware that we’re not doing anything drastically original but our attitude was always – if you take a traditional sound and put enough of your own personal slant on it, write good songs and play with conviction, then originality doesn’t really matter.”


“We’re not really trying to deliver any kind of message with the album. A couple of the songs deal with reasonably serious subjects (addiction, corruption within the church and people becoming detached from the real world and living their lives online) but there’s also quite a lot of humour. Mainly in the three ‘Devil’ songs, which are the result of a lighthearted conversation about stereotypical subject matter in metal songs, during which one of us suggested that ‘every metal band should have at least one song about the Devil’. Somehow we ended up with three!”


Recently the band were confirmed for the UK’s premier open air metal festival, Bloodstock, which takes place next week, and as well as that the band will perform at DistortionFest in their hometown of Belfast and Siege of Limerick Festival in Ireland.


Zlatanera Legerdemain Artwork


Watch ‘Holy Man’s Crook’ Lyric Video Here!


Check Out First Single ‘Wired’ Here!


Upcoming Live Dates
13th August – Bloodstock Open Air, Catton Hall – UK
29th October – DistortionFest, Limelight/Katys Bar – Belfast, UK
30th October – Siege of Limerick, Dolans Warehouse – Limerick, Ireland


Order Legerdemain Here: http://zlatanera.bigcartel.com/



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