Zaphonic ‘Rorrim’ World Premiere On Dank TV

Zaphonic Promo

Zaphonic, the new project from Michael Gabriel, has teamed up with Dank TV to premiere the new video ‘Rorrim’ and not only will this be a new video, but also the first taste of the highly anticipated debut album.


A sonic fusion of classic grunge rock, futuristic hip hop and dub sounds Zaphonic is the brainchild of Londoner Michael Gabriel, a seasoned producer and singer/songwriter. Having a wealth of experience on board the mother ship of New York Hip Hop and armed with a passion for Rap, Grunge and Rock a la Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Black Sabbath; Zaphonic are en route to charge and overthrow a diluted and commercialised music scene. An exponent of what Michael sees as truly good music, Zaphonic are set to shake things up.


Watch ‘Rorrim’ here: –


Director Andy Wooding ( comments, ”The song, to me, really directs the video itself. Mike’s compositions are quite layered and orchestrated and spark visuals, so it really made my job very easy. Images of the girl he sings of, the duality, the good and bad, the surface and the interior all just sort of appeared when listening to it (a dozen times, of course). Mike’s a great storyteller, so I didn’t try to do anything too clever. I just followed what I felt the story in the song was; a girl over-focused on her self and others and, of course, any prolonged period of focus can lead to darkness. The song has a nice and light melancholic verse and a heavier aggressive chorus so I just tried to match those highs and lows; softness and hardness, with similarly light and dark visual tones.”

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