Waylander Join The Future PR Family

Future PR is very happy to announce the signing of Waylander. These guys have been a staple existence in the folk metal scene ever since their inception in 93′ and in many ways Waylander are the band that set the bar and defined the genre. Internal strife hampered the bands progress in the early days but we’ve been following Waylander over the last few years and the pace has grown quicker and quicker by the day with no signs of slowing. Their history includes two genre defining demos, a stint with Century Media, Blackend Records and in recent years Waylander found a home with Listenable Records.

The bands latest record ‘Kindred Spirits’ has went to worldwide acclaim and has been dubbed their strongest offering to date by more than one. “We hope this year will be a year of firsts for the band” cites frontman ArdChieftain O’Hagan confirming these are exciting times and there are a lot of talks and plans for Waylander in 2013. Future PR are glad to be involved and can only say one thing right now… Watch this space!


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