Voice Of The Soul Stream ‘Catacombs’ In Full

Voice Of The Soul are set to unleash their debut full length Catacombs in a mere matter of days and today the outfit, hailing from the Middle East, have teamed up with PureGrainAudio.com to offer a pre-release aural assault streaming the album in its entirety!


Stream Catacombs In Full Right Here!


PGA UK Editor Graham Finney comments: “The Middle East metal scene is throwing out bands of staggering quality, none more so than Dubai-based epic death metal crew Voice Of The Soul. Intelligent, well-crafted and faultlessly executed, their Catacombs album is an album that will alter the way you perceive this often lambasted genre.”


Vocalist and guitarist Kareem Chehayeb comments on the latest offering from the band: “The band started off as a straight up melodic death metal band, Catacombs took on a different shift. The thrash has virtually disappeared from our sound on this album and riffs have some added ‘colour’ now which was inspired by bands like Opeth, Gojira, Daylight Dies, and various jazz bands that really inspired me to start writing metal again. Catacombs also introduces occasional clean vocals, as well as more doom metal on some tracks.”


The artwork (as seen above) was designed by Syrian Dubai-based artist Hamood Hallak of MHD Graphics, and was inspired by the concept of one of the tracks from the album called ‘Pendulum’.


Kareem elaborates: “While it appears evident that there is a priest/figure leading sheep, the cliff that they are about to walk off is within the temple itself. We don’t specify whether it’s religious or not, because religion isn’t the sole focus. It’s political, it’s social.”


Watch the ‘Pendulum’ Playthrough Video Here!


The band also recently posted a lyric video for the albums penultimate track ‘Defiled’ which you can see here…


Catacombs will be released on 27th March 2015 distributed via UK label Hell’s Hammer.


Pre-Order Catacombs Here: http://www.ukemrecords.co.uk/product/voice-of-the-soul-catacombs/



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