Voice Of The Soul Release ‘Pendulum’ Playthrough

Earlier this month Middle Eastern extreme metallers Voice of the Soul released a brand new song entitled ‘Pendulum’ taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘Catacombs’ which will be released on 27th March 2015 distributed via UK label Hell’s Hammer & India’s Transcending Obscurity. Today the band have released a playthrough video for the same song.


Listen to ‘Pendulum’ Playthrough Here!


Vocalist and guitarist Kareem Chehayeb talks about the song, “This is song was inspired by the mass suicide of Jonestown that took place in 1978, but the lyrical content applies to so many political groups and cults whose leaders exploit the poor and disenfranchised for their own gain.”


The artwork (as seen below) was designed by Syrian Dubai-based artist Hamood Hallak of MHD Graphics, and was inspired by the concept of ‘Pendulum’.


Kareem elaborates: “While it appears evident that there is a priest/figure leading sheep, the cliff that they are about to walk off is within the temple itself. We don’t specify whether it’s religious or not, because religion isn’t the sole focus. It’s political, it’s social.”


First formed in Kuwait on the opposite side of the Persian Gulf in late 2007 17 year-old Kareem Chehayeb and 16 year-old Monish Shringi released their first EP, ‘Winds of Apprehension’ in July 2009 with second EP, ‘Eyes of Deceit’ seeking the light of day the following summer. After playing several shows in Dubai since January 2011, the band opted to relocate to the most popular city and emirate in the UAE before releasing their third EP, ‘Into Oblivion’, live on SOS Heavy Metal Radio in Portugal in August 2011. ‘Into Oblivion’ was undoubtedly the bands most successful record with songs receiving regular airplay across the globe.


During April 2014, the band made home at Haven Studio with producer Hadi Sarieddine in Dubai and recorded their debut full-length album ‘Catacombs’.


‘Catacombs’ Track Listing
1) Desolation
2) Perpetual Deception
3) Pendulum
4) Quarantine
5) Cold Rupture
6) The Mist
7) Perdition
8) Defiled
9) Images Subside


Pre-Order ‘Catacombs’ Here: http://www.ukemrecords.co.uk/product/voice-of-the-soul-catacombs/



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