Thrashers Prowler Announce New Album ‘From The Shadows’

Is it fair to state that as metalheads we spend a lot of our time checking out new records? Hunting out the next big thing that we can introduce our friends to, something new, and something that evokes the feelings we once got on an almost daily basis back in the day when first discovering metal.


However, on occasion we’re brought back to the classics, the old Metallica records, early Annihilator and so forth; the exact records we discovered on the voyage of metal discovery. Yet sometimes those old classics just don’t quite hit the spot… And that’s exactly what makes bands such as Prowler a breath of fresh fucking air. Everything we’ve heard before is there, it’s familiar, but it’s new and that’s the fundamental difference.


Formed in 2010, Prowler went on to release four EP’s and a box set before signing to Slaney Records to release their debut album After You in 2013, and The New Blood EP later that same year. The thrash titans hailing from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina are now on the verge of unleashing yet another beast of a record, their second full length entitled From The Shadows. Overseen by Roger Lian, the same man that was responsible for Slayer’s South Of Heaven and countless others including Overkill, Pantera and Damageplan; you can be assured a great production.


The world won’t go on fire, journalists won’t be scrambling over each other to make up new genre terms (thank god) but that is exactly the point! What you will find is a sterling record in the vein of old school thrash, heavy, destructive and as brazen as the first waves of the genre and unleashed by a troupe of young fiery musicians with the same raw energy captured back in the day on the likes of Ride The Lightning.


Artwork (as seen above) was completed by Spanish artist Noël Puente.


From The Shadows Tracklist
1. R.O.T.L.D
2. Out Of The Fog
3. I Am Wolf
4. The Thing Not Seen
5. Pet Sematary (The Ramones Cover)
6. Return To The Lot
7. Death On Wheels
8. Creature Of The Black


From The Shadows is out 20th July via Slaney Records.


Listen To ‘No Life ’till Leatherface’ from The New Blood EP
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