The Bleeding ‘Rites Of Absolution’ Out Now & Streaming In Full At Zero Tolerance

The Bleeding Promo 2017

UK death thrashers The Bleeding are back with their latest vicious onslaught and to celebrate the release of the album the band have teamed up with Zero Tolerance to offer a full album stream! In a world of hyper narcissism and apathetic delusion, half measures are no longer sufficient. Enter Rites Of Absolution; a 21st century horror story touching every splintered nerve ending and a hideous blood drenched vision of humanity’s imminent demise. Recorded and mixed at MTR Studios in their native London, the follow up to the band’s debut, Death Eternal, would then be mastered by the legendary Ade Emsley, famed for his work with Iron Maiden and Phil Campbell to name a couple.


Listen To The Album In Full Right Here!


The Bleeding take influence from the death and thrash greats… Slayer, Morbid Angel, Pestilence, Coroner, Asphyx… and with a fresh and exciting vigour, pay homage to those greats and at the same time emblazon their own stamp on a timeless genre. It’s been a while since their debut show in September 2012 and even longer since their formation back in in 2010, but 2017 is a year that is sure to turn heads towards The Bleeding with the release of this aural assault of an album!


The Bleeding - Rites Of Absolution Artwork

Guitarist Tasos Tzimorotas comments, “With Rites of Absolution we held a lens up to the world and the result reflects the ugliness we saw. The title track itself for instance delves into the depths of religious hypocrisy, subjugation and tyranny the world over, which we sought to simultaneously both demonstrate and subvert with the brutalised concept of the album art. In ‘Consumed Existence’ we gaze into the bleak future of humanity, stripping the assets and natural resources of the Earth and, if we last long enough, the universe, until there’s nothing left to consume but ourselves. ‘Dreams of Hatred’ chronicles the growing mass mindset of narcissism, hatred and intolerance, where despising one another is becoming the new paradigm. We even journey back to ancient Egypt in ‘Crook & Flail’ which shows that none of this is anything new – mankind has often been led astray into a barren wasteland of suffering and misery by those who would promise much to many but deliver only to themselves; still we don’t learn from the failings of the past. Closing out the album we pay tribute to the late, great Chuck Shuldiner with our cover of ‘Open Casket’ from Death’s Leprosy album, a fitting testament to the sheer emptiness of what awaits once we depart this crumbling edifice of existence.”


The album features artwork from Badic Art and is out now!

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