Terrorizer Magazine Premiere New Abhorrent Decimation Video

Abhorrent Decimation Promo Picture 2014

Today Terrorizer Magazine presents, the new Abhorrent Decimation video and title track to their debut record ‘Infected Celestial Utopia’.


Watch the video here – http://tinyurl.com/qgxxxd5


Directed by Doug Anderson of Visceral Video who’s worked with the likes of Eye Of Solitude, Acrania, Dichotomy & Unfathomable Ruination ‘Infected Celestial Utopia’ was shot in an abandoned military barracks in Rochester, UK. “It was built to defend against Napoleon but by the time it was completed the war was over,” comments vocalist Ashley Scott (also of London death quartet Fleshrot) on the location.


Speaking of the shoot itself Ashley adds, “No one else was involved. Visually we gave a lot of freedom to Doug, we really enjoy working with him, but essentially his mandate was to go for something totally different to the ‘A Putrid Vision’ shoot, which was quite clear and polished. We wanted something a bit darker and eerie.”


Watch ‘A Putrid Vision’ Here!


“The video is essentially us getting down in a dark location, the narrative shots throughout the video show you one of the survivors of the ‘End Of Days’.


“The whole record lyrically is a set of explored metaphors about the earths journey through eradication. By the time we get to the last track ‘Infected Celestial Utopia’ we are following a single person, a religious survivor, they find safety underground with their bible. They are basically possessed by what they have seen and lose all faith. He goes on to destroy the bible and burn it as he realises the utopia he prayed for does not exist. He comes to the realisation that the infected celestial sphere we inhabit is both Heaven & Hell; there is no higher place and no divine power greater than earth itself. So we wanted to capture him throwing up, and acting all sketchy then destroying his bible and burning it.”


“We selected this track as it shows a relatively different side to us. The song is essentially more melodic, still with brutal parts and blast sections but with the weird lead guitar lick it creates a bit of an uncomfortable feeling and ‘off atmosphere’.”


Abhorrent Decimation Hour Of Penance Murder Made God Tour Poster

Catch Abhorrent Decimation on tour supporting Italian death metal masters Hour Of Penance throughout the UK this April/May.


‘Infected Celestial Utopia’ is out now via Coldbirth Records.



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