Stormzone ‘Seven Sins’ – The Stories Behind The Songs

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Out today, 3rd August via Metal Nations Records, Seven Sins is the fifth album from Northern Ireland’s Stormzone; featuring 12 brand new studio tracks sure to please fans of classic heavy metal having already went down a storm with the hard rock and metal media over the past couple of months.


“…in ‘Seven Sins’ Stormzone have produced an album of ambition, scope and depth and one which shows a band mature enough to take on new challenges with aplomb and confidence.”
Planet Mosh

‘…a monster of an album has been unearthed here, which deserves to be on the frontline of the metal revolution.”
My Global Mind

“…this is a major contender of the most enjoyable album of the year in this sub-genre.”
Ave Noctum

“…heavy metal as it should be, intelligent, loud, proud and ripe for multiple listens!”
Devils Gate Media


A concept album, Seven Sins is undoubtedly the band’s most daring to date with a story revolving around the illustrious Dr Dealer, a character that singer and lyricist John ‘Harv’ Harbinson has brought to life under various guises already through the Stormzone back catalogue.


Set in the 18th century, the album tells the story of the mysterious Dr Dealer, his travelling troupe of various gifted misfits and the Seven Sins Emporium into which he invites men to test their resolve and strength. “It’s hard to describe Seven Sins in one paragraph…” says Harv. “The story-line is so complex. It’s a very dark subject. It’s touch and go at times with regards to how far you can go with it, but at the end of it all there’s hope.”


On the twelve days leading to the release of the album, the band unveiled a series of videos, one per day, expanding on the story behind each song. Harv commented, “The Seven Sins storyline is a little darker, deeper and more extensive than can be portrayed in full within the lyrics of the songs on the album. So in an effort to do the whole adventure further justice and, at the same time, hopefully give people a chance to get to know the interesting characters involved, we have created a series of atmospheric track-by-track videos, one for each song, that allow you to delve deeper into what the Seven Sins theme is all about.”


Watch ‘Seven Sins: The Stories Behind The Songs’ Here!


Stormzone - Seven Sins Artwork

Vocalist John ‘Harv’ Harbinson comments, “The preparations for the release of our new album, Seven Sins have been the most adventurous and enjoyable of any Stormzone release to date, and the results have been inspired by our belief that we’ve recorded something very special! Seven Sins is ambitious, it has stretched us as musicians and galvanised us as a band, there were no back seats here, each of us has given 100% in an attempt to make this new album as good as it can get. That is, of course, only to be expected, bands must give it their all and these days try to find new ways to stand out from the crowd. To that extent where we have also delivered is in creating a wonderful adventure with all twelve songs linked to each other in an interesting and exciting storyline that we know will grab attention and definitely appeal to dedicated fans of classic heavy metal. All the ingredients are there! We’ve banged heads, exchanged ideas, grabbed inspiration from each others contributions, delved into each others minds and combined to write, create and record this fifth Stormzone album on which we hope all listeners will hear the energy and dedication that we put in to making Seven Sins and therefore make it a favoured addition to their CD collection.”


“The preparations are now over, my ever-enthusiastic introduction to the release is over, but our Seven Sins adventure has only just begun! The new album is now available! Come and hear the music, taste the atmosphere, sense the adventure, meet the characters involved in the twelve song tale with a multitude of twists and turns and, hopefully, understand why we’re truly looking forward to taking this show out onto the road. Dr Dealer’s Emporium may just join us on our travels!”

Recorded at FireMachine studios and produced by guitarist Steve Moore, Seven Sins combines all the elements expected from Stormzone and the classic heavy metal genre – powerful guitars, soaring vocals and crunching bass & drums wrapped with classic melodies.


As well as the twelve album tracks there is more. The physical CD booklet includes a hidden code within its pages and fans will have the opportunity to enter it into the official Stormzone website, If they get the order correct they can download a further four brand new songs not available on the album!

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