Spectral Darkwave Release ‘Last First Contact’ Documentary Part 2

Photo Credit: Fabiola Santini Photography


Last week Symphonic Death/Doom trio Spectral Darkwave released part one of a two part documentary which showcases the journey of Spectral Darkwave and how debut album Last First Contact came to be.


Watch Part 1 Here!


The band have now released the second instalment in which the viewer can learn more about how guitars were tracked using the latest recording technology and vocal recording. This is a ‘must see’ for musicians interested in home recording and music tech geeks.


Watch Part 2 Here!


Check out first single ‘Under Ebon Lash’ which is streaming here.


Last First Contact is out on 30th March 2015 via Occidental Records.
Pre-Order Here: www.spectraldarkwave.bandcamp.com



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