Rex Shachath Streaming EP Via Hails & Horns

Starting today, Hails & Horns is hosting an exclusive stream of Rex Shachath’s “Sepulchral Torment” EP in its entirety.

Check out the full EP via Hails & Horns at the following location: –

Having formed in late 2011, Northern Ireland’s Rex Shachath clearly wasted no time in concocting a storming death metal sound that perpetuates the raw and malevolent spirit of genre pioneers such as Autopsy, Grave and Aspyx and is now unleashed through their debut EP ‘Sepulchral Torment’. The Irishman may be young, but they already mastered the vital and true elements of old school death metal as ‘Sepulchral Torment’ sees them fusing raw, feral riffs, severe, pounding drums and caveman growls with demoniacal results.

Released on September 07 via Hostile Media, the EP really summons the demons of Autopsy, Grave and Aspyx to the surface and is a solid indicator that Rex Shachath are on their way to becoming one of the most promising death metal acts from the UK.

“Sepulchral Torment is a mighty fine EP of right-down-the-middle, song-based traditional death metal of the U.S.”
Teeth Of The Divine

“Incorporating blastbeats and heavy sections into their music, they capture the whole gamut of early 90s death metal – from Autopsy over Napalm Death to Morta Sluld, and they do it very convincingly.”
Sea Of Tranquility

“If the old school greats are among your favorites, then Rex Shachath will be more than a welcomed effort.”
Axis Of Metal

“Gore-torn riffs, savage drumming, a deranged brutal vocal and twisted lead breaks, Rex Shachath mercilessly bite into this bunch of grooving and guttural tracks with the lunatic fervour of a rabid dog.”
The Midlands Rocks

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