Rex Shachath Post New Record Studio Diary Video Part One

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With just under one month until the release of the Northern Irish death metal outfits second record, an EP entitled Revocation Of The Blood Elect, Rex Shachath are posting a series of videos over the coming weeks which take the viewer behind the scenes and into the studio where the recording took place. With a good dose of tongue in cheek, these clips will show snippets of the band at work in Sonic Forge Studio in Cardiff, Wales, with producer Joe Thompson, tracking the songs of the EP but also the tomfoolery and mischief you often find when five grown men have spent far too long in too small of a place.


This first episode focuses on drum tracking, drummer Jay Rogers comments on the process. “In the beginning it was quite tough. We had planned to travel to the studio the day before recording, get a good nights sleep and start work first thing the next day. We started our journey from our hometown of Belfast and headed two hours south to Dublin to catch a ferry across the Irish Sea to Holyhead, Wales, before driving the length of the country to Cardiff. Mother nature quickly threw up a few obstacles… First of all when we arrived in Dublin we found out our ferry crossing had been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. We managed to catch a crossing later that evening and what should have taken a few hours took much, much longer. The swell was so bad at the port that the ferry couldn’t dock, so we had to go back out to sea. The ferry was basically a sitting duck waiting for the sea to calm down at port. It was miserable, the ship was rocking so bad and you couldn’t stand up without falling over. Everyone, young and old, it didn’t matter, everyone was on the floor. Once we finally docked, we started our journey towards Cardiff. The problem was, it was now the early hours of the morning, I was due to start tracking in a few hours, and I was also the designated driver and only one insured to drive the vehicle. Anyway… we eventually got to Cardiff some hours later, parked up, and I went straight into the live room to set up and start tracking. No sleep. It was a long day but man was I glad for some sleep that night.”


Watch Rex Shachath – In The Studio Part One – Drums



Artwork (as seen above), was completed by UK artist Godmachine famed for his work with bands such as Suicide Silence, Bring Me The Horizon, Cannibal Corpse and Job For A Cowboy to name a few. The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Joe Thompson at Sonic Forge Studio, Cardiff, Wales.


Check out the recently released music video for title track Revocation Of The Blood Elect!


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