Pteroglyph Reveal ‘Death Of A Prince’ Lyric Video

Pteroglyph Promo 2017

Having recently announced details for new album Death Of A Prince, set for release 23rd June 2017, Jimmy MacGregor, under the pseudonym Pteroglyph has revealed the first single and title track from his latest progressive metal collection of tales.


Jimmy comments on the title track, “This song is about how I feel the positivity and togetherness in society has been lost and how quickly people seem to criticise and dismiss any optimism rather than encourage it. It’s based around the saying “rain on your parade” Having your good time suppressed or your bonfire being well and truly pissed on by someone determined to bring you down to their level of misery.”


Pteroglyph - Death Of A Prince Artwork

Speaking of the album Jimmy adds that it is, “a culmination of everything I have been working on with Pteroglyph over the last few years. The themes and ideas behind the songs are drawn from personal life experiences that we all deal with on a regular basis such as love, death, anger and misery. It is an honest statement of my personality and views on the world brought to life through obnoxious screaming and dramatic aural landscapes!”.


Founded in 2012 in Leeds, in the northern English county of Yorkshire Jimmy craved something to channel his musical and artistic works into and so, Pteroglyph (pronounced “terroh gliff”) was born. Inspired by his own journey through life and musical greats the likes of Devin Townsend, Sylosis and Gojira Jimmy set out to create interesting and heavy music, devoid of boundaries making for complex arrangements and patterns one would associate with progressive music.


The album was recorded by Jimmy himself at his home studio before being mastered by Acle Kahney from Tesseract. Artwork (as seen above) was done by Adrian Baxter.



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