Phil Anselmo-led Supergroup Scour Announce First Ever Show

Scour Blastfest 2017

Pantera? Down? Obviously you know the bands, being a metal fan and all. Then you would also know that they were fronted by none other than metal legend Philip Anselmo. Well, he is back with an all-star lineup, his extreme metal project Scour. With music created by Derek Engemann of Cattle Decapitation and John Jarvis of Pig Destroyer, Scour also features current and former members of Decrepit Birth and Agoraphobic Nosebleed.


July 15th saw the band release their debut self-titled debut EP which can be heard in full right here…



Anselmo previously commented, “The Scour thing was just something that popped up – it’s something I think I can kill, I can lay it out. It’s predominantly modern-ish thrashy black metal stuff. I’m going to put my own spin on it. I don’t have to sound like your boy from Gorgoroth to get the point across – there’s other ways of singing over that style of music, and I shall employ many styles.”


February 23rd will see the band perform live for the first time ever, and what is a more fitting arena then Blastfest in Bergen, Norway! They join the Devin Townsend Project, Dying Fetus, Between The Buried And Me and many more bands over the weekend from February 23-25.


Blastfest 2017 Poster

Blastfest 2017
Bergen, Norway
Various Clubs (22nd) & USF Verftet (23rd – 25th)


Devin Townsend Project / Dying Fetus / Between The Buried & Me / Scour / Hell / Peste Noire / Memoriam / Batushka / Akercocke / Ajattara / Horna / Benighted / Hour Of Penance / Angelcorpse / The Monolith Deathcult / Hatesphere / Misþyrming / Zhrine / Trident / Emptiness / IXXI / Leprous / Regarde Les Hommes Tomber / Lucifers Child / Deluge / Auðn / Nordjevel / Darkend / Beneath / Avslut / Doomas / Aspherium / Ade / Plus More TBA


Check out the official Blastfest Spotify playlist!


Tickets on sale now:

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