OEF Asia 2013 – Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses

OEF Asia Keijo

Obscene Extreme organiser Curby has released the following statment in response to a poor turnout for Obscene Extreme Asia…


“OEF Asia – I dunno what to say, Indonesia don’t give a fuck about festival like Obscene Extreme, Indonesia has better festivals than ours and bringing OEF to Jakarta was worst idea I ever had. To be super honest we did really bad work with promotion of our festival and it’s my responsibility as I picked up the Indonesian promoters that were believing in a miracle that never came. Our production and organization was so poor (the festival CD arrived too late to the fest venue… where was the Birdflesh and Agathocles merch? and so many other problems). I mean stage, festival area and sound were all professional and good… all the bands coming from all over Asia (which was most important idea I had for OEF Asia to make this nice scene more united) were simply awesome. I had so much fun watching and enjoying bands from countries like Vietnam, Phillipines, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and also Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Finland and also all the Indonesian bands. Great, great shows… and I’m very sorry guys there were no more people to enjoy your sets like me! I hope I can invite you one nice day to Obscene Extreme, Czech Republic, we will show you the real respect for your work you all surely deserve!!!

Saturday weather was simply the worst weather in OEF history, rain and rain and mud… worse than in our hometown Trutnov, but on the other hand the shows of King Parrot and Rotten Sound was a thanx to these insane conditions… UNBELIEVABLE!!! Such intense and angry shows!!! And seeing Keijo of Rotten Sound jumping down to the crazy crowd and sharing that mud experience with fans? Haha, I can’t stop laughing, even days after the fest!

I believe with those shows we made history and I can continue, watching grinding fathers Unholy Grave or Agathocles, the d-beat of Touched By Nausea, megabrutal Jasad and more cool shows like Cosmic Vortex, Masochist, Rust Phantom, Extreme Decay (love it!), Deadly Weapon, Bersimbah Darah and I can continue…

Sunday we just waited for more fans to come. No one did so I was just thinking I’ll feel much better when all that time and money I spend for Asia will be worth of it. So I made decision for free entrance for everyone and some people came and the atmosphere was much better and definitely worth of coming to Jakarta! And probably thanx to this idea I was insulted by lady from our own OEF crew. I believe it was just big misunderstanding. She was screaming at me, “You’re fucking loser” (actually that’s true, I am loser…), “You don’t respect my people, my nation” (that’s NOT true otherwise I wouldn’t bring OEF to Indonesia and I never said anything bad about your country, it’s just another world and that’s all I can say). Then she punched me in my face! I am happy I was strong enough I didn’t fight back, it was close… and I have more crazy stories to tell… but fuck it, who cares?

Weather and vibe was cool on Sunday, and the best shows for me that day? Marjinal! Great punk rock with opinion. Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation, uargh, those grind ladies know how to grinddddd! Singaporean grinding father and son Demisor and Wormrot! Perfect thrashcore by Sarjan Hassan! Tools Of The Trade, just a two piece band but such blistering grind! Very brutal show delivered by Siksakubur! Also Rajasinga rocks hard and of course masked imbeciles from Sweden – Birdflesh!

It was such a great experience to meet people like the Marjinal collective, your work is big inspiration for me, all your charity projects need the whole support of not only the Indonesias but the World scene and I promise we will try to help you when we recover from this financial disaster!!!

All in all, a real TRAGEDY for OEF if we speak about finance, but on positive note another 100% life experience. I was thinking nothing can be worse than doing a festival, being honest, in Mexico. Now I can say there always can be even worse…

So with blue eyes I can’t wait to be in Australia! See you all mates quite soon!!!



P.S. Keijo prays for better Obscene Extreme times…”



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