No Clean Singing Stream Imperium ‘Titanomachy’ In Full

Imperium Promo Picture 2016

Just days ago Imperium unleashed Titanomachy onto the world, a masterclass in technical death metal and the UK duo’s high anticipated second album and follow up to acclaimed debut Sacramentum. The band have now teamed up with No Clean Singing to offer a stream of the album in its entirety.


Listen Here:


Titanomachy is a brutal but yet delicately majestic offering. It’s an album fraught with the high intensity riffage one would expect from a commentary steeped in Greek mythology and lore culminating in the clash of the Gods and Titans themselves. NCS described the album as “electrifying” and “a brilliant new addition to the ranks of outstanding death metal albums already released this year, and one that undoubtedly will be remembered at year-end list-making time.”


Imperium Titanomachy Artwork

Titanomachy is out now via Ultimate Massacre Productions.
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