New Foul Body Autopsy Track Streaming Now!


Titled ‘Destabilized Perception’ and taken from the forthcoming EP Perpetuated By Greed, one man band Foul Body Autopsy has released a first full track from the impending release which is out February 26th via Grindscene Records and Comatose Music.


Tom Reynolds, the man behind it all, had this to say, “This song is based on a short film of the same name by Adam Curtis. The filmmaker behind cerebral political documentaries Century Of The Self (2002) and The Power Of Nightmares (2005). The film and the song are about the contradictory vaudeville of post-modern politics”.


Listen to ‘Destabilized Perception’ here!


Having only weeks ago released information regarding the follow up to his So Close To Dehumanization EP, Foul Body Autopsy has quickly caught the attention of the metal media with Perpetuated By Greed and not only in his native UK where Tom has already established himself as one of the underground’s most promising acts, but also across international waters.


And rightly so! Armed with a guitar, an iPod, pencil and paper, Tom delivers a commentary, “a reflection of how messed up the world is at the moment”, and a message which is as venomous as the aural incursion found on this lethal EP. Technical, fierce, unrelenting and with the sterling production you could only expect to come out of Parlour Studios, whom are also responsible for records from the likes of Napalm Death and Dimmu Borgir.


Foul Body Autopsy - Perpetuated By Greed Artwork

Perpetuated By Greed is out February 26th in Europe via Grindscene Records and in North America via Comatose Music.


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