Metal Hammer Premiere New Abhorrent Decimation Video ‘Glaciate The Servants’

Abhorrent Decimation Promo Picture 2015

Just last month the UK’s spiritually irreverent death metal export Abhorrent Decimation revealed details for the release of their hugely anticipated album, Miasmic Mutation. Mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström (Aeon, Apostasy, Bodyfarm, Krow), Miasmic Mutation is the band’s debut full-length and will be unleashed in various formats worldwide on September 25th.


Over the last few weeks the Londoner’s have been teasing fans, releasing snippets of material but all of that culminates with the release of the first full song, the album opener and an absolute death metal beast of a track entitled ‘Glaciate The Servants’. The track premieres exclusively with Metal Hammer right here:


Vocalist Ashley Scott comments, “We actually finished the music for this one quite early into the process and I knew from way back then that it had to be the opening track to the album. It comes out at you in such a way, with that ripping drum fill… we felt it set a great tone for the album. No nonsense and heavy. We tried a few different things on this track riff wise and I think the main success in structure is the juxtapose of the complex verse riff and the simplicity of the chorus riff.”


“Lyrically, because I had it marked as the opener, it needed to be a scene setter. So from a concept point of view, this song is the soundtrack to a holy cull. The message is simple, ‘eradicate faith’ and ‘obliterate belief’. Bring forward the death of the billions who are still worshipping the ancient prophecies. Of all the things we could channel our energy, focus and love towards people still revere doctrine? It also explores the widely quoted statement that ‘God is dead’. You cannot kill that which has not lived, however you can terminate an ideology by opposing it.”


Abhorrent Decimation Miasmic Mutation Artwork

Abhorrent Decimation will tour throughout the UK in October in support of Miasmic Mutation, dates to follow.


Pre-Order Miasmic Mutation from the band’s official website:

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