‘It Came To This’ – New Cancerous Womb EP Out Next Week!

Cancerous Womb Promo 2016

It’s been a busy couple of years for Scotland’s Cancerous Womb since their debut album, Born of A Cancerous Womb was released in 2014. With the extra two years under their belt, having toured across the USA & then around the UK with Benighted, the band, with new vocalist Bernard in tow, comes back to the fore with a new approach, an impending European tour, and resulting new EP; It Came To This, out on 5th July 2016.


Guitarist Mike Robertson explains that the band has strayed from, “the usual death metal lyrical theatrics of gore/violence/horror/shock and the likes and heads down a more self-analysing approach with a grindcore appeal.”


“This is the first born of the experiment,” he goes on to state. “It’s more about the protagonist’s own internal workings, his crippling self-degradation and his drowning uncertainty, than our predecessors desire to slice apart women and shout about blood.”


Listen To Single ‘Isolation Frenzy’ From The New EP Here!


“The recordings were made across a few places. The drums were recorded in Edinburgh at Juvat Studios by our friend JamieT. Immediately after, a few hours down the M6, the guitar, bass and vocals were recorded at Drop The Dumbulls Gallery; a DIY (in the strictest sense and most genuine way possible) bar/venue/practice room/studio/house in Liverpool’s old dockside quarter, by the talented producer and drummer ‘Trippy Pijin’ of Horsebastard fame. The final cuts were then sent off to Tom Dring, drummer of Corrupt Moral Altar, who runs Vagrant Recordings in Southport. He mixed and mastered the sessions, as well as added his own Saxophone playing onto track II. The additional vocals on the tracks, from Chris Reese (CMA/Horsebastard) and Rich Speakman (The Afternoon Gentlemen) were done in their own time, using their own secret methods.”


Cancerous Womb It Came To This Artwork

The artwork was designed by Californian based Tony Koehl, of Sketch The Soul Studios.


“After some to-ing and fro-ing of samples and ideas between each of us, he got back with what I feel is so fitting it hurts,” states Mike Robertson. “At first I couldn’t quite take it because it was so vastly different from the artists we had worked with before, (especially Costin Chioreanu and his amazingly dark portrayals,) but turns out that is exactly what the EP needed. We are so pleased with how the music, sound, vibe, theme and aesthetic has turned out.”


Track Listing
1. The Shrieking Of Idiots
2. Formless
3. Isolation Frenzy
4. When All Is Said And Done


It Came to This is out 5th July 2016 via Rising Nemesis Records.


Order The Album Here!


Catch Cancerous Womb Live!
with Carnal Decay & Virulency
05/07 Leipzig, Germany – 4Rooms
06/07 Tilburg, Holland – Extase Tilburg
07/07 Antwerp, Belgium – Antwerp Music Rooms
08/07 Roselare, Belgium – De Verlichte Geest
09/07 Schriesheim, Germany – Infernal Music
10/07 Munich, Germany – Houseparty
11/07 Vaduz, Liechtenstein – Take 5
12/07 Zurich, Switzerland – Ebrietas
14/07 Trutnov, Czech Republic – Obscene Extreme Festival



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