Gehtika Unleash New Music Video ‘One Night : Seven Sins’

Gehtika Promo 2015

On the lead up to Gehtika’s release of A Monster In Mourning next month, the extreme metal quintet have unleashed the first single and video for ‘One Night :Seven Sins’. The band once again teamed up with Wil Henry of Silent Syndicate Productions, someone who Gehtika had worked with on their ‘Impossible Question’ music video.


Watch ‘One Night : Seven Sins’ Here!


Vocalist Anthony Knight comments, “The whole album follows a dark fantasy tale and ‘One Night : Seven Sins’ is the opening track and the catalyst for all the events that follow.”


“There are three characters in this track; The Prince (who’s played by Prok from Morgue Orgy), The Serving Girl & Lady Morgana Mai and none of them get off to a particularly good start! It’s two nights before The Prince and Lady Morgana are due to be wed, but the Prince is a bit of a ‘playboy’ and decides to have his way with The Serving Girl (naughty!) For reasons unknown at this point in the story Morgana, during her sleep, she is given sight of these deceitful events unfolding and awakes ‘with a panic and a hellish fright’. A grimoire lays at the foot of her bed; open and inviting, she’s drawn to it and begins to read.”


“In her anger and emotionally fragile state she reads through the hateful curses of the grimoire and condemns the shallow, devious Prince to life both faceless and nameless… much to the shock of both the Prince and the Serving Girl, who flees at the sight of his face falling away.”


“Morgana becomes consumed by the corruption and power of the book, ‘transcending humanity’. The spell convinces the Prince that the Serving Girl is to blame, so he will relentlessly hunt poor innocent peasant girls in his obsessive quest to put the culprit to the pyre and lift the curse… only with every innocent life he takes, Morgana’s new powers will grow.”


In the video we have Bryanne (who plays Lady Morgana Mai), as herself to begin with, entering a darkened empty room and then suddenly getting these flashes of distant memories, which aren’t her own. The band effectively ‘narrate’ the story while Bryanne becomes possessed by the visions; reliving Morgana’s transcendence from a woman scorned to a corrupted witch… and it would appear that even after her visions have ceased, Morgana perhaps hasn’t…”


“Myself and Topher co-directed certain scenes but all credit really needs to go to Wil – he’s done a fantastic job getting the right shots, the feel of the song and the editing is fantastic!”


Gehtika - A Monster In Mourning Artwork

A Monster In Mourning is out 17th August 2015.

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