Gehtika ‘A Monster In Mourning’ Out Now & Title Track Studio Video Released!

Gehtika Promo 2015

Gehtika’s highly anticipated debut album A Monster In Mourning is out now! And to commemorate the release the extreme metal quintet have unveiled a new video for the title track using footage shot in the studio during the tracking of the album.


Watch ‘A Monster In Mourning’ Here!


Vocalist Anthony Knight comments on releasing the album, “… the word ‘finally’ comes to mind! It seems so long ago that we were in the studio recording it so to be finally releasing it is pretty exciting for us. Obviously our Kickstarter backers have been listening to it for a couple of weeks, but now we get to unleash this beast on the masses!”


“The reviews and feedback so far has been truly amazing; we’ve seriously been taken aback by the kind words we’ve had from fans, friends, peers, reviewers and even a few people who aren’t really into metal, let alone black/death metal, who’ve said they really enjoyed it due to all the layers we’ve given each song and the atmosphere we’ve managed to create. We’ve had some great quotes from reviewers too… my personal favourite being from Dan Perks at Midlands Rocks who said, ‘A Monster In Mourning feels like a shot of energy into a genre that, for me, was hanging out of its arse. This deserves to be the album that sees Gehtika signed by a label and moving on to bigger things’. Purely for the “hanging out of it’s arse” part if I’m honest [laughs]. We’re super stoked with the reception so far; now we just want to get as many people listening to the album and coming to see our live shows as possible!”


Gehtika - A Monster In Mourning Artwork

A Monster In Mourning is out now and is available on Bandcamp here:

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