Foul Body Autopsy Announce New EP ‘Perpetuated By Greed’


One man UK extreme metal wrecking machine Tom Reynolds has been making quite a name for himself of late with his incessant live appearances up and down the UK and knack for marrying a plethora of extreme metal sounds into one. Now having completed his next Foul Body Autopsy record, an EP entitled Perpetuated By Greed, like all its predecessors Tom has a message to deliver, and again, just like its predecessors, the message is as subtle as a JCB driving up a village main street. In his own words, “The concept behind the new Foul Body Autopsy record is… Everything Is Completely Fucked!”.


Tom elaborates, “It’s a refection of how messed up the world is at the moment, and thanks to the right wing turn in politics and in the media a mood of fear and paranoia has taken hold. There are families drowning in the sea, running from the crossfire of blood thirsty extremist death cult and a desperate amoral military dictatorship, and instead of trying to help there are governments doing everything in their power to stop refugees getting to safety. As well as that, we have national newspapers here giving people, and someone in particular, space in their rag to call these affected people cockroaches! We have a Prime Minister who says that anyone that opposes war is a “terrorist sympathiser” and if we look across the pond things are not that much better… a man that looks like a biological car crash is running for president and most of the things he says are completely false but because most of his followers don’t trust the media he can create his own insane reality and have thousands of people blindly agree with him. The future isn’t looking too great.”


Last year saw the release of So Close To Dehumanization, an EP which resonated with his vegan beliefs and explored the often ignored process of how modern societies demand for meat is actually fulfilled. Some countries may have certain laws in place to ease animal suffering, which is an inevitable result of our desire for meat produce, but the fact remains, animals are being bred and killed for consumption in industrial scale operations and do not live a natural life. A video was released for ‘So Close To Complete Dehumanization’, a video which received some backlash due to its disturbing content, albeit very real.


Foul Body Autopsy - Perpetuated By Greed Artwork

Recorded at The Parlour Recording Studio (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Evile) with producer Neil Haynes and featuring cover art from Coki Greenway, Perpetuated By Greed delves into environmental issues, and subjects on a broader scale in comparison to So Close To Dehumanization. The record features six tracks of blistering blackened death grind extreme metal, fast drumming, growls and pinpoint guitarwork.


Check Out The EP Trailer Video!


Track Listing
1. Perpetuated By Greed
2. Enslaved The Rest Of Creation
3. Chewed Up By The Machine
4. Destabilized Perception
5. Devoid Of Humanity
6. Complete Environmental Collapse


Perpetuated By Greed is out February 26th in Europe via Grindscene Records and in North America via Comatose Music.


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