Fallen Fate’s ‘Into the Black’ Out Now!

Fallen Fate Promo 2014

‘Into the Black’, Fallen Fate’s second album is out now! The ten-track release follows the story of Vespa, a girl possessed, torn and tortured by demons to commit crimes against the ones she loves. The progression of Fallen Fate’s music on ‘Into the Black’ shows a maturity and depth that has moved on miles from the band’s last acclaimed release ‘The Virus Has Spread’ [2011] incorporating experimental elements into straight up thrash to create at times something spellbinding.


What people have been saying about ‘Into the Black’ –


“How anything can survive this brutal onslaught is beyond me! It rips so fiercely through the aural it leaves burn marks. One labour intense album that possesses more than just thrash, speed and technical.” 10/10 Pagan Hell, Ramzine


“Fallen Fate has picked out the best bits from all the styles used and have reassembled the essence of them. And they succeeded! How such a talented band can still stand without a contract is a mystery to me…Ten points from Germany to England!” 10/10 Time For Metal


“Fallen Fate are extremely accomplished musicians – the music has power metal’s sense of theatre, thrash metal’s stacked riffs and aggression, the raspy controlled growls of black metal and the classically inspired, super-dextrous guitar fills of speed metal… It’s a metal master class!” Chris Ball, This Is Not A Scene


The band’s official video for track ‘I Welcome The Dead’ will be out in just a couple of weeks. For now here’s their recently released lyric video for ‘Blackened Within’.


View Video Here: –


Fallen Fate - Into The Black

Track Listing

1. The Rise (Intro)
2. Blackened Within
3. Until The Final Hour
4. Into The Black
5. Possession
6. I Welcome The Dead
7. Rituals
8. Last Rites
9. The Demise (Intro)
10. Vespa


‘Into The Black’ is out now! Available to buy from the band directly here or iTunes here.



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