Fallen Fate ‘Into the Black’ Studio Update Part Two

Fallen Fate Promo 2014

With just under three weeks to go until Fallen Fate unleash ‘Into the Black’ to the masses we thought we’d pass on the second and final studio update from the band’s time spent with producer James Stephenson, at Stymphalian Productions in York to give you a taster of what you can expect from the release.



The ten track concept album based around a horror movie theme of a girl named Vespa’s life shows a dramatic evolution sound-wise from the band who first gained deserved media attention after the release of their debut full length album ‘The Virus Has Spread’ in 2011. On ‘Into the Black’ the band have retained their punishing speed and heaviness but have notably moved into much darker and experimental territory.


At the time being the band is busy putting the finishing touches to their upcoming music video for track ‘I Welcome The Dead’. More of that though in the coming weeks!


Supported by a release show in The Forum, Darlington, the album is set for release January 30th 2014.


Fallen Fate - Into The Black

Track Listing

1. The Rise (Intro)
2. Blackened Within
3. Until The Final Hour
4. Into The Black
5. Possession
6. I Welcome The Dead
7. Rituals
8. Last Rites
9. The Demise (Intro)
10. Vespa


‘Into The Black’ is out January 30th 2014.



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