End Of Daze Unleash New Song ‘The Skies Above’

End Of Daze Promo 2015

Emerging south west UK metal outfit End Of Daze today unleash a brand new song entitled ‘The Skies Above’, taken from their forthcoming debut album Ascension, out 14th September 2015.


Listen To ‘The Skies Above’ Here


Guitarist Jack Wood comments, “This song was one we really enjoyed writing, as there is a lot of melody and we all had a chance to be a part of the chorus. The chorus melody on guitar was the first thing written for this song, but we had it for months just waiting to use it. One day at practice we came up with the chord progression to go behind it and so I took the idea home and finished the whole song. I brought it to practice the following week, where everyone in the band had their input. Later, our producer Pash Stratton got in contact with David Seymour of the band Griever to do some guest vocals, he was very happy to do it for us, and he made the song levels above the original idea we had for the song.”


Vocalist Harry Shooter adds, “When I wrote the lyrics to ‘The Skies Above’, I didn’t really think much of it at the time and it was only a few weeks later when I started reading them that I realised that I was writing about some of the feelings I have about what goes on in our world today and how’d I’d rather see the world without all the war and corruption that all the people I care about could enjoy it (as I’d hope everyone else would too). I guess I wanted the lyrics to be reliable and nice to listen too, because you do get a lot of lyrics in metal about killing things and death and all that jazz and don’t get me wrong I’m more than game for that! But I firmly believe metal is about expression and that’s what I do with my lyrics.”


Hailing from Weymouth, End Of Daze are a passionate young quintet who combine elements of their collective favourite genres. From the melodic guitar work of bands such as Iron Maiden to the pure hate spouted from Australia’s Thy Art Is Murder, from the ever-evolving sounds of Slipknot to that of metalcore kings Parkway Drive. The result is a high energy and melodic sound driven by powerful verses, hard hitting breakdowns and blistering lead guitar work.


Recorded at SVM Studio in Poole with producer Pash Stratton, Ascension tells stories of personal experiences and incites strength in the face of adversity; big choruses and huge guitar driven passages is the end result.


The band recently released a lyric video for ‘The Tables Have Turned’ which can be viewed here!



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