Dyscarnate & Carillion Guitars Partnership Announced!

Dyscarnate Carillion Guitars

Over the last couple of weeks UK death metal kings Dyscarnate have been working ferociously in the studio producing their third full length and follow up to the high acclaimed And So It Came to Pass. With drums complete and guitar tracking underway the band are very proud to finally announce their endorsement with Carillion Guitars.


Crafted by hand on their doorstep in Surrey, England, luthier Chris Delia has created a fully custom Polaris 6 for Tom Whitty, as well as his very first bass model which was designed in collaboration with Al Llewellyn; christened ‘Promethean’. The band look forward to showcasing the instruments on stage in the new year. Until then they’ll be generating devastating tones in the studio tracking, the as of yet to be titled, third full length album set for release 2017 via Unique Leader Records.


Catch Dyscarnate Live
1st & 2nd April 2017 – Heavy Scotland, Edinburgh w/ Behemoth & Arch Enemy
16th April 2017 – Bristol Deathfest, England w/ Vader & Immolation
25th August 2017 – Deathfeast, Germany w/ Suffocation & Cryptopsy


Dyscarnate Polaris Carillion Guitars

Tom is playing a custom spec Polaris 6:

– 26.5” scale length
– Swamp ash body
– African ebony top
– Pale moon ebony fingerboard
– 10,000 year old mammoth tusk nut
– Bare Knuckle Juggernaut pickups


Dyscarnate Promethean Carillion Guitars

Al is playing a custom spec Promethean 5 Multiscale:

– 34-36” scale length
– Swamp ash body
– 5,300 year old flamed bog oak top with secondary purpleheart top
– Ebony fingerboard
– Nordstrand/Dingwall FD3 pickups



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