Dublin Veterans Senzar Reveal New Music Video ‘CI’

Senzar CI Video

Dublin veterans Seznar, formed from the ashes of Coldwar recently unveiled details for the release of their debut non-titled record, out 20th July via Hostile Media, a potent marriage of philosophy and the raw energy of extreme metal.


Today the band released the second single ‘CI’ and a video accompaniment. Vocalist Trevor McLave explains, “As finite beings we search for, and find, meaning in the universe and within our interpretation of the observable patterns and structures of the natural world. We do this ‘symbolically’; the symbol lies between us and the cosmos and orientates us towards meaning and reality. The attempt to understand the ‘natural poetry’ of the universe is a root source of art, music, and culture, and it is through symbolic mediation that, within the human being, the finite can grasp the infinite.”


Watch ‘CI’ Here!


McLave speaks further on the debut EP and the cessation of Coldwar, “We wanted to take our musical ideas a lot further than we were able to with Coldwar, elements of which were hinted at on Pantheist. Creating atmosphere and soundscapes which hold measureless potency, correlating with the lyrics and retaining raw energy and heaviness was our goal. Regarding the lyrics, I guess there are rudiments of consideration regarding mankind’s position in the greater scheme of the cosmos. Beyond that, it really is something purposely devised as being unfixed, thus open to beholders interpretation.”


Senzar - Senzar Artwork

Characteristically esoteric, Senzar are inspired by the relation of the human condition to the complexity and mystery of the cosmos. Motivated by the obscure yet intelligible patterns of order from chaos and our natural creative impulse, and being influenced by the darker, more challenging cultural output of modernity, they articulate a metaphysical engagement between the self and the natural world.


“The music is an endeavour to explore the unity and multiplicity of Being,” states vocalist Trevor McLave. “Both interpretive and descriptive, it explores beyond the scope of the rational gaze to disclose the world, which, understood as a totality of all things, we are embedded in, and fundamentally related to in ways which are mystical.”


Listen To First Single ‘CII’


Pre-Order The Senzar EP Here: www.facebook.com/hostilemedia/shop



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