Drum and Bass Playthrough for Shardborne’s ‘Not, That Axis’!

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Living Bridges, the debut album from Irish instrumental prog metallers Shardborne, has its release just round the corner on the 10th July via Out On A Limb Records. The band have been releasing snippets the past few weeks of what’s to come and this week they release the second half of their playthrough series of videos for track ‘Not, That Axis’, featuring bassist Cormac O’Farrell and drummer Ben Wanders, recent winner of Zildjian’s ‘Best Drummer in Ireland’ competition.


‘Not That, Axis’ Bass and Drum Playthrough


Listening to the album you will get hints of where Shardborne might take influence from, and aside from the obvious progressive rock masters there are also nods to more modern outfits such as Scale the Summit, a touch of BTBAM and more than a little sprinkling of Chimp Spanner. If that starts to tick your boxes then you’re onto a winner, as with the release of Living Bridges Shardborne are set to cut out their own corner in the prog metal camp. The band flits with ease through complex time signatures, interesting rhythms and key changes, which create incredible dynamics and transform each song into a musical journey. The listener is kept transfixed throughout.


Reviewers have been lapping up the offer so far as well. “This is a seriously impressive album from the Limerick band and frankly, there’s no one else in the country quite like them…” commented Metal Ireland with Greece’s Rocktimes going as far as to say, “The album is one of the best I’ve heard this year”, continuing with, “You will not hear anything tedious or unnecessary to your ears… words are unnecessary – invest without fear. ”


Living bridges cover 2


Living Bridges features artwork by artist Duncan Storr [Scale the Summit, Skyclad] and was recorded by the band’s Ciaran Culhane and Ben Wanders before being mixed and mastered by Jamie King [Between The Buried and Me].


If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the band’s official video for track ‘Room Within a Room’, which recently premiered with Prog Magazine UK.


New t-shirt designs and CD & vinyl packages of Living Bridges can be found over on the brand new Shardborne website (www.shardborne.com)




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