Doom To Headline Obscene Extreme Japan, Australia & Czech!


Can you imagine any Obscene Extreme event without a quality portion of filthy crust? I bet you can`t!


With a history older than grind itself. A band often cited as an early precursor to the genre and one which are considered pivotal in the rise of crust punk. Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce that the legend that is Doom, from England, will grind the Obscene Extreme 2014 stages. Doom will playing at the 3 of 4 Obscene Extreme World Tour locations including Japan, Australia & 4 years on from their OEF appearance in 2010, Doom will be back in Czech Republic.

Obscene Extreme organiser Curby comments, “We are definitely looking forward to this as they will come with their brand new album ‘Corrupt Fucking System’ that is currently in production and will be put out at the end of 2013. Honestly, good old Doom are still in an excellent form!!!”


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Obscene Extreme Asia 2014
February 28 + March 1-2, 2014
Tokyo – Asakusa Kurawood

Doom + Cripple Bastards + Jig-AI + Abigail + Brain Corrosion + Butcher ABC + Coffins + Contrast Attitude + Final Exit + Flagitious Idiosyncrasy Ih The Dilapidation + Framtid + Go-Zen + Noise A Go Go’s + Orgasm Grind Disruption + Self Destruction + Sete Star Sept + Unholy Grave + more!!!



Obscene Extreme Australia 2014
March 7-9, 2014
Melbourne – The Reverence Hotel + The Corner Hotel

Doom + Cripple Bastards + many more!!!



Obscene Extreme Czech Republic 2014
July 16 – 20, 2014
Trutnov – Battlefield
Czech Republic

Immolation + Master + Doom + Nunslaughter + Vitamin X + Vallenfyre + Beheaded + Abortion + Demonical + Contrastic + Bolenso Grinje + Filthy Charity +
Dark Horse + Jesus Crost + Ultimo Mondo Canniballe + Gutslit + Kruger + Suffer The Pain + many more!!!

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