Dichotomy – Drummer Dave Fay Posts New Playthrough Video


Irish Tech Death Dichotomy drummer Dave Fay has recently posted a new playthrough video for ‘No Catharsis’ which has been taken from the upcoming debut album ‘Paradigms’. Watch the video below.


‘No Catharsis’ Drum Playthrough


The band previously posted an all instrument plathrough video for ‘All-Seeing Eye’ which has already surpassed 11,000 views! Watch the video below.


‘All-Seeing Eye’ Instrument Playthrough


Dichotomy will self-release ‘Paradigms’ this August 14th. The album will be available physically as well as for digital download.

The five piece melodic tech-death metal band hailing from Dublin, Ireland draw influences from bands such as Death, Necrophagist, Gojira and Opeth and was formed in 2010 by guitarists Andy Kealy & Rats with a mind to combine the technicality of death metal with the groove and musicality of other genres. After establishing a lineup in 2010 the band began writing material under the name Dichotomy to suitably describe the contrasting styles used in the music. Summer 2012 bore the fruits of their hard labour as the band took up residence at the world renowned Westland Studios in Dublin to record ‘Paradigms’ with producer Alwyn Walker.


Dichotomy Album Cover

“Paradigms is about a multiple of things.” comments lead guitarist Steven ‘Rats’ Rahaman. “The 5 of us wanted to get together and write music that we would be happy to listen to ourselves. we all individually have a varied taste in music and style so the music we created had allot of contrast so the name Dichotomy was chosen. The lyrics themselves in Paradigms create a collection of dichotomies. So in a nutshell you could say that ‘Paradigms’ is about the band name which is about the music.”


Tracklisting for ‘Paradigms’ is as follows: –
01. Empyrean
02. The Sentient Oppressed
03. All – Seeing Eye
04. Polarity
05. No Catharsis
06. Covenant Of The Forsworn
07. Alea Iacta Est
08. …Of Strife Of Discord


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