Desecration ‘Cemetery Sickness’ Out Now!

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Desecration today release their much anticipated new album ‘Cemetery Sickness’ via Metal Age Productions.


It’s been six years since the release of the Welsh Death Metal veterans sixth album ‘Forensix’ and very soon after the cravings for more began… Those cravings can now be subdued as the wait is finally over. The announcement was made earlier this year that a date was finally on the cards for the release of ‘Cemetery Sickness’ and since then the media hype that ensued has grown and grown as this day drew closer.


Metal Forces said, “If all you headbangers were of the opinion that Carcass were Britain’s only purveyors of the perverse then you are wrong…” while Planet Mosh stated that ‘Cemetery Sickness’ was “top quality Death Metal” and giving the album a 5/5 review. The praise came from metal media worldwide… “Experts when it comes to doing it good and proper”, commented World Of Shit Zine while Ave Noctum said, “this is without doubt the best album the lads have put out.”

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Listen To Title Track ‘Cemetery Sickness’


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Jumali Katani who is known for his work with Scent Of Death & Thy Art Is Murder amongst others undertook artwork for ‘Cemetery Sickness’.


Track Listing
Cemetery Sickness
Coffin Smasher
I, Cadaver
Recipes of Horror
Rotten Brain Extraction
Cunt Full of Maggots
Cabletie Castrator
Mortuary Debauchery
Tactile Necrophile
Cut Up & Fed To The Dog
Grave Secrets


Formed in 1993, Desecration hit the headlines almost immediately with their debut album ‘Gore & Perversion’ (1995), which was immediately banned upon release. The artwork and lyrics led the band to their arrest under the Obscene Publications Act. A one year court case was eventually dropped but they were warned to ‘tone down’ in the future. Naturally, after lying low for a short period of time Desecration hit back, this time with a new album entitled ‘Murder in Mind’ (1998). The band also penned a track for this album titled ‘A Message To The Censors’.


Fast forwarding, Desecration went on to release four more albums, ‘Inhuman’ (2000), ‘Pathway To Deviance’ (2002), ‘Process of Decay’ (2005) & ‘Forensix’ (2008). The band also embarked on numerous tours over the years, headlining and sharing stages with bands such as Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Vader, Deicide, Napalm Death and Behemoth just to name a few. All three members of Desecration also play in punk grinders Extreme Noise Terror and Mic has recently joined UK thrashers Onslaught.


‘Cemetery Sickness’ is out now via Metal Age Productions


Order ‘Cemetery Sickness’ Here –

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