Corpse Garden’s ‘Entheogen’ Is Out Now!

Corpse Garden Promo 1

Corpse Garden’s Entheogen is out now! May 15th heralded the album’s official release through both Russia’s Satanath Records and Germany’s RTM Productions.


Bringing differing death metal elements kicking and screaming together to form a 63-minute sonic masterpiece, the album, which was recorded in 2014 with producer Juan Pablo Calvo at the helm, has been blowing reviewers away with its intense, dark intricacies.


During a recent interview with No Clean Singing, vocalist Felipe Tencio had this to say about the official release, “It has been a long wait… We are very thankful to Aleksey and Satanath Records for their trust, interest, and support. Reviews so far have been very positive and I believe this long wait has created some high expectations we hope will get fulfilled with the release of the album. We are very confident and satisfied with our work, so it’s a great feeling to know it [is now] available for the world to listen to!”


A digital album is now available for purchase from Corpse Garden’s bandcamp –


Entheogen 2015 Coverart


Formed in 2009 and with one previous album under their belt, Burnt By The Light [2012], Corpse Garden underwent a comprehensive line-up change in 2013 and settled down to compose and write what would become Entheogen. Following a stint at Bushido Audio Productions in 2014, the album was mastered by Eri Román at SoloHit Studios in San José with artwork by Alexander L.Brown [BNB Illustration and Design].


Physical copies of Entheogen are available from Satanath Records / RTM Productions with North American distribution through Sevared Records.

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