Corpse Garden Present Play Through and Divulge More ‘Entheogen’ Details!

Corpse Garden 2015

Following the recent release of their ‘Suspended Over the Abyss’ single from upcoming album Entheogen, Costa Rica’s Corpse Garden has now recorded an official play through for the single.


View the official play through for track ‘Suspended Over The Abyss’ here…


With Entheogen, Corpse Garden will unleash a thirteen-track death metal focused opus, that the band themselves say is something ‘completely different’ from what was offered before with their debut release Burnt By the Light [2012]. Vocalist Felipe Tencio elaborates,

“The band went through several line up changes [in 2013], Federico [Guitars] and Erick [Drums] are the only remaining members of the Burnt By The Light sessions so it’s basically a new band with new ideas and a different purpose.

Entheogen shows the new identity of the sound and the new message we are trying to get across. It’s by far a more elaborate, complex and dynamic album in terms of musicianship, concept and song structures.”


Entheogen 2015 Coverart

The Entheogen artwork is by Alexander L.Brown of BNB Illustration and Design.


Recorded with Juan Pablo Calvo at Bushido Audio Productions, in Cartago, Costa Rica, the album went on to be mastered by Eri Román at SoloHit Studios in San José. Comments Felipe on the recording process,

“It was challenging for ourselves as musicians, a big step towards a new sound and new objectives. We all shared the same vision of what we wanted the final product to be. At the end of the process, we were very satisfied with our performances and the sound of the album.”


Entheogen is set for release this May 15th through both Russia’s Satanath Records and Germany’s RTM Productions with North American distribution through Sevared.


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