Corpse Garden Premiere Full ‘Entheogen’ Stream With No Clean Singing!

Corpse Garden Promo 1

With less than one week to go until the release of Entheogen, Costa Rica’s Corpse Garden have teamed up with North America’s No Clean Singing to host an exclusive stream of the album in its entirety.


The thirteen-track album delivers head melting death metal, intricate melodies, punishing percussion and guttural vocals, and all the while a dark undertone unashamedly seeps through to hook the listener and deliver a 62-minute creative masterpiece.


No Clean Singing had this to say about Entheogen

“A savage death metal assault, loaded with dark, vicious riffs, jolting grooves, exotic melodies, electrifying solo work, and horrific roars and shrieks… It’s an obviously ambitious work -and a highly successful one, both atmospheric and electrifying.”


Access the full album stream of Entheogen here…


Other media comments about Entheogen


Entheogen is a death metal release for the ages, scoring waves of cacophonous sound on top of crushing angular riffs…Taking elements that have been germinating in the scene for years Corpse Garden have now come to take your fucking head.” – Two Guys Metal Reviews


“With its tactful display of blistering-paced drums, gritty vocals and whiplash-riffs…Entheogen is a tour de force that will keep many passionate Death Metal addicts entertained.” – Global Metal Apocalypse


“Complex riffing interwoven with catchy melodies…the music hits you hard and is relentless in its delivery” – Metal Album Reviews


“Dark and heavy – just the way we like it” – Zero Tolerance Magazine UK


Entheogen 2015 Coverart


Entheogen is out 15th May on both Satanath Records and RTM Productions with North American distribution by Sevared!


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