Coldwar Unleash New Music Video ‘13th Moon’

Coldwar Promo 2014

Today Irish hardcore death metal punks Coldwar unleash the first music video, ‘13th Moon’, taken from their fifth album ‘Pantheist’ which was released earlier this year via Candlelight Records.


Watch ‘13th Moon’ Here


Vocalist Trevor McLave offers insight into the story behind ‘13th Moon’…

“For over Two Millennia Anno Domini, we have endured forceful suppression of our existential autonomy and witnessed the obstruction of algebraic rhythmic union between humankind and the cosmos. The Gregorian calendar is the ephemeris with which bodies of governance such as church state and financial institutions dictate terms of punctual orientation and strive to regulate the application of intellectuality. ’13th Moon’, the 4th track from the current Coldwar release ‘Pantheist’, is a celebratory rejection of the Christian calendar. The lyrics are suggestive of a druidic renaissance with emphasis on a timekeeping system in which I3, 28 day lunar cycles align the span of time that mother earth orbits the sun, minus 1 day. A day of celestial harmony, and cosmic observance…”



‘Pantheist’ saw Coldwar once again deliver the goods with an album packed with the exemplary musicianship that you’d expect from seasoned veterans. Coldwar have encapsulated everything that the band had set out to achieve once again with their trademark dark and hate filled sound; it’s captivating, interesting, simple yet punishingly effective in places yet more intricate and thought provoking in others.


Production has been hailed having been taken to a whole new level with the help from their producer Michael Richards at Trackmix Studio, Dublin.


Media acclaim has seen Coldwar rise through the ranks and get the attention they rightly deserve with this “absolute beast of an album, the kind of feral, rabid beast that wouldn’t hesitate in ripping you limb from limb if you so much as looked at it funny” as stated by Indulge Sound. Headbang or GTFO said, “The aggression is fowl and the result is some gnarly metal,” while Two Guys Metal Reviews said, “Coldwar are vicious and unholy, but they unravel extreme music and the power it holds in a whole new way.”


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Watch The ‘Ether Child’ Lyric Video Here:

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