Coldwar Is No More…

Coldwar Trevor

With the release of Pantheist last year, their best work to date, and hints of a follow up in the works, it may come of shock to some that Irish extreme metal veterans Coldwar have called it a day after seventeen years.


“We would like to say we have had an absolute blast over the last 17 years. We sincerely thank everyone who came to our gigs, bought our merchandise, put us up/put up with us and generally supported us. Much appreciated! We went to many beautiful parts of the world, played with alot of great bands and met loads of strange and wonderful people!”


Days after the band made the announcement Irish filmmaker John Mulvaney released the latest instalment of ‘Fractured’, a series showcasing the Irish underground. The latest episode featured none other than Coldwar.


Least it remind of us of an incredible band and one who dominated the upper echelons of the Irish underground for nearly two decades.



Listen to more Coldwar below…

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