Cave Of Swimmers Release New Music Video ‘The Prince Of The Power Of The Air’

Cave Of Swimmers Single

With the release of Reflection just yesterday, Cave Of Swimmers have released a brand new music video for lead single ‘The Prince Of The Power Of The Air’.


Watch The Video Here!


‘The Prince Of The Power Of The Air’ was shot and directed by Orlando based artist Maz Armageddon.


With a sound that seamlessly weaves through multiple genres including Heavy Metal, 70’s Hard Rock, Doom, Stoner, Sludge, Cave Of Swimmers are a band on the rise and a band to watch. The Miami duo have also caught the attention of a certain ex-member of Metallica, Mr Jason Newsted who said, “As musicians, COS are top-notch, naturally gifted players… As a band, they could go toe to toe with any of the decent up & coming bands that are currently performing live at popular European festivals. As a collection of sounds and songs in the heavy vein, orchestrated & performed by two people (live or in studio); Cave Of Swimmers are truly unique in their creativity & execution, and… Their name can now be shouted and screamed in the same breath as Royal Blood & Deap Vally!!! Cave Of Swimmers warrant a new sound classification… if there is to be one; PROAGGRESSIVE MUSIC!!!”


Vocalist & Guitarist G.E. Perez commented on the band’s influences, “As individuals, it may sound clichéd, but our influences are certainly very eclectic. Toro plays in jazz groups, I play Flamenco guitar… I also have a whole new appreciation for the piano. I love Jaco and Wes too. Having said that, when we come together in a room, what comes out is what we listened to when we were in school, which is rock n’ roll. We also love 80’s and early 90’s merengue. As far as bands; everything… all the usual suspects, from AC/DC to ZZ Top.”


Drummer Toro adds, “We obviously listen to a lot of different types of music. The fact we grew up in South America sets us apart in a good way because we were exposed to Latin music. Right about when G and I started playing rock and metal we also played salsa in a school ensemble. We were only 16 and we got to play all over town. As we grew musically we started exploring other instruments and jazz, classical, American folk music… You name it. When we get together in a room our most primal instinct is to play heavy music, however, we can’t deny our mixed background of eclectic influences.”


Cave Of Swimmers Reflections Artwork

Recorded at Weeks Recording Studio in Coral Gables and Crossbridge Studio in Pinecrest, Florida, all the music for Reflection was tracked in a mere four days!


Artwork (as seen above) was completed by Bryan Olson.


Stream Reflection In Full Right Here!


1. The Prince Of The Power Of The Air
2. The Skull
3. Still Running
4. Reflection (Instrumental)

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