Blastfest Headliner Announced: Satyricon

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Yes, you did in fact read that right, Norway’s Satyricon have been announced as the Saturday headliner at Blastfest. And that’s not all! The festival has also announced another 8 bands including 3 of the best from Britain, black metallers Winterfylleth, stoner doom hard rockers Orange Goblin and Falloch from Glasgow, Scotland. The latest announcement also includes Kall, Naer Mataron, Aspherium, Purple Hill Witch, all very much forces of reckoning in their respective fields. Blastfest has also booked its very first covers band, Bergen’s very own Motörhead tribute act Bömbers, whom have been approved by Lemmy Kilmister himself.


It will be cold and it will be extreme! Held in the beautiful city of Bergen, Blastfest is offering one of the, if not thee, finest extreme metal line-ups of 2015. Acts already announced include Paradise Lost, Decapitated, Primordial, Rotting Christ, Destruction and Asphyx with many more yet to be announced.



Satyricon Blastfest 2015

Have you ever heard the Norwegian national anthem? It goes a little something like this: “Mother north – united we stand (together we walk). Phantom north – I’ll be there when you hunt them down.” Yes indeed, Blastfest will have one of the biggest bands of the early Norwegian black metal scene gracing the stages not only with their presence but as headliners at Blastfest 2015. The mighty Satyricon, grinding away all filth and protecting the wealth of the… elite?



Winterfylleth Blastfest 2015

‘Winterfylleþ’ is the Old English name for the month of October. Have you gotten it yet? We’ll make this one short then: Semantically fitting, Blastfest officially announce that the British black metal band Winterfylleth, will be a part of the 2015 lineup. They will surely bring with them more triumph than threnody.


Orange Goblin

Orange Goblin Blastfest 2015

The month of October possesses the day known to many as Halloween. On Halloween there are plenty of pumpkins. Pumpkins are usually orange. I’m not sure whether or not there are supposed to be any goblins involved in either October or in Halloween. There’s an Orange Goblin involved in Blastfest 2015 though!



Falloch Blastfest 2015

This up-and-coming Scottish band Falloch recently released an acclaimed piece of post-rock/folk metal. This is surely a band you need to pay attention to.



Kall Blastfest 2015

The Swedish soundtrack to depression, of the desperate psychotic kind, would surely include a track by Lifelover. Sadly one of their members, Jonas Bergqvist, passed away in 2011, at a (too) young age. The remaining members of said Lifelover have created a new band, under the name of Kall. We are very proud, and look forward greatly to see them play Bergen for the very first time.


Naer Mataron

Naer Mataron Blastfest 2015

From Greece hails a black metal juggernaut of the early 90’s, Naer Mataron. They bring with them all the intensity from the old scene to their first ever show on Bergen soil. Heuristics: Hellish. Hellenic. Hellcome to Blastfest 2015!



Aspherium Blastfest 2015

Hard hitting Norwegian melodic death metal band Aspherium are ready! They have become a household name in the underground scene in latter years, and recently went on tour with both Blood Red Throne and Decapitated. Blastfest 2015 will reunite them all!


Purple Hill Witch

Purple Hill Witch Blastfest 2015

Old school doom metal fanatic? Then you’ll be pleased to see Purple Hill Witch added to Blastfest 2015! They’ll present you with those tunes in the vein of bands like Black Sabbath and Pentagram. Basically, come my fanatics! No sleep till Bergen!



Bombers Blastfest 2015

You’re a proper metalhead, right? Then you’re bound to be into Motörhead. Well, Blastfest have gotten hold of a Lemmy-approved Motörhead cover band. Fronting the mighty Bömbers is no other than local black metal legend Abbath of Immortal fame. He is teaming up with his comrades Tore ‘Stud Bronson’ Bratseth (Old Funeral, The Batallion, Studfaust) and Pez to become what is dubbed the ultimate Motörhead tribute band. Bombs away!


Alfahanne | Aspherium | Asphyx | At The Gates | Baptism | Blood Red Throne | Bolzer | Bömbers | Borknagar | Byfrost | Craft | Crib45 | Cryptopsy | Dark Funeral | Dark Tranquility | Dead To This World | Decapitated | Demilich | Den Saakaldte | Djevelkult | Destroyer 666 | Destruction | Endstille | Esoteric | Falloch | Finntroll | Gehenna | Hecate Enthroned | Impaled Nazarene | Kall | Melechesh | Moonsorrow | Morgoth | Naer Mataron | Orange Goblin | Paradise Lost | Primordial | Purple Hill Witch | Rotting Christ | Samael | Sarke | Sarkom | Satan | Saturnus | Satyricon | The Sickening | Tortorum | Tsjuder | Vallenfyre | Winterfylleth | Wyruz + more yet to be announced.


Blastfest will be held 18-21st February 2015 in Bergen, Norway.


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