Blastfest Announce First Bands For 2017 – Devin Townsend, Peste Noire, Napalm Death & More!

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EDIT: Napalm Death Have Since Cancelled!


Following on from this year’s all Norwegian line-up extravaganza which saw performances from everyone who is anyone, including Abbath, Gorgoroth, IhsahnTaake, In The Woods, 1349 and many more, and with special guests such as Green Carnation playing their epic Light of Day, Day Of Darkness album in full and a blistering comeback from Red Harvest to name just a few highlights, the organisers behind Norway’s Blastfest have already started to announce 2017’s fittingly epic line-up which is set to run from 22nd – 25th February!


Building on the success of the past three years, Blastfest are setting the bar high from the off once again with Devin Townsend Project, Napalm Death, Dying Fetus, Hell, Horna, Batushka, Emptiness, Ajattara, Benighted, Misþyrming, Trident, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, IXXI, Deluge, Auðn, Aspherium and Doomas being confirmed from the outset for the Bergen based four day event. And, in true Blastfest fashion, there has to be at least one special billing, this announcement revealing the one and only Peste Noire and the scheduling of their very first live appearance on Norwegian soil!


Blastfest 2017 is again set to be a highlight and must visit in next year’s metal festival calendar!


Devin Townsend Project Blastfest 2017

Creative solutions are by many defined as a concept incorporating three components; novelty, high quality and usefulness. Blastfest organisers said that announcing Devin Townsend as a headliner should pretty much keep them covered as a festival with creative solutions. Devin has amassed a huge fan base since his early days with Strapping Young Lad, and many have been following all of his delightful and varied artistic endeavours since back then. The Blastfest organisers felt it was time for the musical prodigy to finally pay Bergen a visit, and teach Kygo a thing or two. This time around he’ll be bringing his Devin Townsend Project line-up.


Peste Noire Blastfest 2017

1349 was the year that the bubonic plague came ashore in Norway, and swept across the country far and wide. It all started with an English merchant ship that arrived in Bergen – then known as Bjoergvin. During the course of the next two years historians estimate that ⅔ of the Norwegian population fell victim to the disease, also known as the black plague. It set an end to a golden Norwegian era. February 2017 we await a new strain of the black plague, and a French one at that. Blastfest have chosen, with arms wide open, to allow Bergen to be overrun by Peste Noire. They have been planning and plotting in their Auvergne laboratory, and are ready to pay their first ever visit to Norwegian shores.


Whether by boat, airplane or some demonic contraption, festival general Yngve “Bolt” Christiansen has already gotten his knickers in a twist over this news, as he has become an avid adherent to the melodic musings of the anarchic French ensemble, and simply cannot wait to see them live in Bergen. Hopefully this establishes Blastfest as the festival where anything can – and will – happen!


Napalm Death Blastfest 2017

These British veterans formed all the way back in 1981, and were from early on established as more well-spoken than soft-spoken to put it lightly. Since back then, the band has been a major influence on an entire generation of new metal bands, and they are still going as strong as ever, keeping up their relevance in an ever-changing metal scene. Yup, Napalm Death are joining the table, and the deck is uneven right from the start!


Dying Fetus Blastfest

The band whose devoted fans petitioned for them to be added to the Download Festival, and succeeded. The band with one of the most eyebrow-raising names in the history of metal. The band who just keeps on impressing with their very own unique brand of brutal death metal with every single release. The band who keeps on inspiring new bands all over the world. For the very first time ever in Bergen, Blastfest welcomes US veterans Dying Fetus! This will be an exclusive one-off show in Norway!


Hell Blastfest 2017

It is the dawning of the age of nefarious! It would be absolutely criminally insane to not include Hell in a Blastfest lineup, and thus, trying to avoid becoming neighbours of Behring Breivik, Blastfest thought it wise to make 2017 the year where Hell will grace them with their devilishly good classic heavy metal tunes.


Horna Blastfest 2017

It wouldn’t be a Blastfest without some Finns taking part. In addition to the usual lot of Sisu-sporting and austere visitors from the land of the thousand lakes, Blastfest this year also expect the horned and horny Horna. These purveyors of true Finnish black metal have been requested by many of Blastfest’s dedicated fanbase, and if you’re into the chaotic and passionate, you’re in for a thrill with these guys!


Batushka Blastfest 2017

Little is known about the Polish assembly of Batushka, except that they are comprised of well-known musicians from the Polish metal scene, and that they released what many consider one of the best debut albums of 2015/2016. This is doomy black metal with a sacral touch to it, and one of the bands that surely are poised to deliver what you need to get your fix of orthodox darkness.


Emptiness Blastfest 2017

After the release of their Nothing But The Whole album, the Blastfest organisers simply had to get hold of Belgium’s Emptiness. Their droney and avantgarde approach to black/death metal is quite different and darker than most. It’s nothing short of an mind-altering experience, and Blastfest invites you to experience nothing but the whole of it…


Ajattara Blastfest 2017

Oh, so you thought Ajattara had disbanded. Well, they’re back and mark their 20th anniversary by showcasing their brand of Finnish black metal in Bergen at Blastfest 2017. Fronted by none other than Pasi Koskinen, known from Amorphis and Shape Of Despair the band are set on making this an anniversary to remember!


Benighted Blastfest 2017

If you buy into the usual stereotypes of French people, you’ll hardly come to imagine just how brutal the twisted Benighted truly are. After releasing a solid concept album about Josef Fritzl, their 2014 album Carnivore Sublime took them even further in terms of establishing themselves as death metal/grindcore superstars. Now the only question remaining is which wine pairs good with five fingers in the fontanelle …


Misþyrming Blastfest 2017

It seems like all eyes are on Iceland these days, and what looks like a blossoming black metal scene – if such adjectives may be applied. Misþyrming are one of the bands in the Icelandic black metal vanguard, and obviously Blastfest had to get hold of them and their aural audacity. It’s as simple as that really.


Trident Blastfest 2017

The Swedes are truly rather good at this blackened death metal thing, and Trident is no exception! They bring their Dissection-infused cochlear confectionary to Blastfest 2017. Well, the truth is actually that Johan Norman played guitar on Dissection’s now legendary Storm of the Light’s Bane album. The Blastfest organisers simply found that fact so enormously exhilarating that they had to throw it out there. Just as exhilarating, is what Trident have shown with last year’s Shadows EP. You have been forewarned!


Regarde Les Hommes Tomber Blastfest 2017

Behind this easy-to-remember moniker you find a quintet of French musicians. They have delved deep into the sludgy post black metal sphere to produce truly dark and haunting atmospheres. Regarde Les Hommes Tomber are also ready to take you on for a journey to these sombre sides of existence during Blastfest 2017.


IXXI Blastfest 2017

After four albums, and having established a solid fanbase, it was time for the wily Blastfest organisers to invite the Swedish black metal horde of IXXI to Blastfest. Especially since they won the fan vote at another big festival proving a great Norwegian following.


Deluge Blastfest 2017

It’s time to go biblical on your asses! Yet another French band takes part of the wave of the tricolor-coloured invasion at Blastfest 2017. This time it’s a band defined as black metal/post-hardcore, and they are unrelenting in their auditory onslaught. The Deluge is on its way!


Audn Blastfest 2017

Norway’s connections to Iceland are growing stronger all the time these days, and Auðn is part of this newfound connectedness. They are an up-and-coming act in the atmospheric black metal genre, and one that deserves a place in the Blastfest 2017 line-up.


Aspherium Blastfest 2017

They’re back again! After a great show at our Blastfest cruise in 2015, and some solid support to Decapitated on their Norwegian tour this year Blastfest organisers thought it was time to bring back Aspherium. Their melodic and technical death metal is sure to please the most blasé of metal connoisseurs.


Doomas Blastfest 2017

Doomas is Blastfest’s first band ever hailing from Slovakia! Their melodic doom/death metal deals with death and sin, and hopefully at least one of these subjects will be highly relevant to Blastfest’s visitors…and we’ll leave it at that! For now at least…


Blastfest 2017 Poster

Blastfest 2017
Bergen, Norway
Various clubs (22nd) & USF Verftet (23rd – 25th)


Devin Townsend Project / Peste Noire / Napalm Death / Dying Fetus / Hell / Horna / Batushka / Emptiness / Ajattara / Benighted / Misþyrming / Trident / Regarde Les Hommes Tomber / IXXI / Deluge / Auðn / Aspherium / Doomas / Plus More TBA


Tickets on sale now:


Official festival hotel and more info TBA.

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