Blastfest Announce 1349 & More To Their 100% Norwegian Lineup

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Blastfest 2016 will be a truly special event, and for many extreme metal fans, a once in a lifetime experience. Now in its third year and for one time only the Bergen festival is crafting a 100% Norwegian lineup.


Having already announced prestigious acts such as Abbath, Green Carnation, Ihsahn, Ancient and Gorgoroth, the organisers have now announced another seven bands which will be appearing at the festival in February 2016 including black metal titans 1349, thrashers Audiopain, Gravdal, Voluspaa, Einherjer, Kraków & Solefald.


1349 Blastfest 2016
The black plague famously made its way to Norway after disembarking at the docks of Bjoergvin in 1349. Since then the city is no longer Norway’s capital, neither is it called Bjoergvin. We now know it as Bergen. 666 years later we announce that the plague will return! By the powers of the Illuminati and the freemasons, and on the premise of the correctness of an abstract number, Blastfest bring you Frost (Satyricon) and his hellish legion of 1349. Get ready to have your flesh sculpted by these vanguards of black metal!


Audiopain Blastfest 2016
When you talk about thrash metal in Norway, including Audiopain is a must. Since 1998 they have been dealing out thrash hymns sure to get the most conservative concertgoer to bang their head and stomp their feet. It’s all supremely groovy, and bound to inspire heavy fistpumping and beers thrown into the air.


Yet another Bergen gem, Blastfest present Gravdal, a band sharing members with other renown acts like Aeternus, Gorgoroth, Taake, Tortorum, and Galar. It’s almost a given that they will have to play Blastfest’s all-Norwegian edition, and this is something the fans of groovy black metal madness cannot miss out on!


Voluspaa Blastfest 2016
This is something you don’t catch live often! Voluspaa have been around in the scene since all the way back in 1994, yet so far only sport one full-length album to their name. Currently in the studio, we might just see a new album from the band in time for Blastfest 2016. What we will for sure experience is the mighty viking-themed black metal that we know so many of you out there love.


Einherjer Blastfest 2016
Welcome Einherjer! Odin owns ye all! Among the true originators of the viking metal genre, and a band whose reunion and return to the metal scene has proven blissfully successful, Einherjer are one of the bands from the Norwegian scene truly marching proudly onto the world stage these days. With Av Oss, For Oss they proved even stronger their modern day relevance in the extreme metal genre. Pendelen svinger, denne gangen i vår favør!


Krakow Blastfest 2016
Who knew that in our very midst a collective like Kraków were cooking up their fine tunes some years back? Suddenly they were all over the Bergen scene with their experimental post metal in 2009, releasing the album Monolith. Since then there’s been no stopping them, and in an endless stream of rave reviews they have managed to not just be booked for Inferno festival, but they also managed to get the mainstream acclaim that it surely is to be showcased at the very hipster scene that is Øya festival. Still not sold? Well, let’s list some bands that the members have taken part in: Taake, Aeternus, Kampfar, and Hades Almighty. Don’t miss out on the mighty Kraków!


Solefald Blastfest 2016
Reveled or reviled, this band is either way surely renown. It’s impossible to not include the ever-experimenting musical chaos that is Solefald in an all-Norwegian Blastfest lineup. From their very Jernlov demo up-and-until their recent World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud they have stood defiant in the midst of a scene, they also at times have distanced themselves from. We are of course talking about the infamous Norwegian black metal scene. Now they fly the moniker of ‘world metal’, and in earlier time they played with their own defining terms like ‘red metal’. Regardless of conceptual frame, or lack thereof, Solefald has always been an emotional band. Some emotion will be conjured up within you. Whether that will be the conflicted rage or somewhat grim and dystopian view of the present time that sometimes is found in the music and lyrics of the band, or… Well, the organisers simply hope you will, just as we will, smile from ear to ear as you watch, listen, and digest the experience that is Solefald. The Blastfest team are looking very much forward to it, and expect the unexpected from these tricksters.


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A One Time Only Celebration Of The Norwegian Metal Scene!
Blastfest 2016 – Bergen, Norway
17 Feb – Garage, 18 – 20 Feb – USF Verftet


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