Belgian Death Horde Cocyte Reveal ‘The Human Disease’ Album Details

Cocyte Promo 2017

Death horde Cocyte turned heads with their Suffocate Now demo in 2011, quickly followed by the New Breath EP in 2012 and follow up Asylum 2013. The Belgian band is one that can be hard to pigeon hole, cited as too death metal to be a deathcore but too deathcore to be death metal… but whatever they may be labelled, the end result is always the same and is nothing short of devastation. With a steady release history augmented with regular appearances across a multidude of venues in major European cities, todays incarnation of Cocyte is a well focused outfit, polished and oiled an inch from its death. Testament to that is the bands latest release and first full-length The Human Disease, mixed by Christian Carvin and mastered by Alan Douches (Carnifex, Suicide Silence, Cannibal Corpse, Nile). Ten tracks that span a myriad, from technical frenzy and blasts to laid back soundscapes and drops that would crumble even the strongest foundations. This is an audacious album that covers all the bases and it’s the intellect you’d expect from the seasoned band that they’ve become, but it’s the manner and smart that’s been executed in which one might find the most significant.


Guitarist Jimmy Maes comments on the theme running throughout the album. “We were leaning towards the story of humankind, the spirit of man, behaviour, etc. and this album turned into an absolute statement of the situation on earth. The Human Disease is what the man has in its core, a disease. During the album you can find a common thread, it’s a story following the life of a man who describes many sides of humanity such as the relation between God and himself, the impact of religions on earth, the mental problems and darkest behaviours such as sexual assault, destruction of the land and our own kind, war, consumer society… Finally the story turns to a more positive note as our man finds a refuge in his spirit because our world is no longer worth it, he builds a sanctuary where he is completely satisfied and full of joy. But he is human after all, and slowly starts to destroy his sancturary, like everyone else, he is infected by The Human Disease. This album is dark vision of the world but the conclusion is not a dead cause, we have hope in humanity, we can change, but it can’t be done alone, people must wake up and become better.”


Cocyte - The Human Disease Artwork

Tracklisting for The Human Disease
1. Ominous
2. We Are Divided
3. The Oppressed
4. Malevolent Urge
5. Hollow Cause
6. Mechanical Refuge
7. Behind The Mess Of The Soul
8. Shadows & Illusions
9. The Human Disease
10. Last Requiem


The Human Disease is available for pre-order now:

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