Backdawn Release ‘I Shall Burn Your Empire’ & Stream In Full!

Backdawn Promo Picture 2016

French extreme metal quartet Backdawn have released their latest work and better yet, are streaming it in full right now! I Shall Burn Your Empire encapsulates the theatre of brutality that is Backdawn, a record soaked in anger, violence and pure aggression.


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I Shall Burn Your Empire is a darker and more mature offering than that of the band’s 2013 debut Through Extermination. Vocalist and lead guitarist Chris Snaeder elaborates, “I Shall Burn Your Empire is a complete “hate bible” that I wrote to spit all my anger out… I’m deeply concerned about people around me and about our society, and a lot of events hit me hard, so I put all my negative emotion into the lyrics. There are double meanings in all my texts, I decided to be imperative and direct in the lyrics. I sometimes speak directly to someone I know, sometimes to a group of people, even to God. Everyone can refer to something in this album and I hope that it will help people rise above these problems.”


The album was recorded and mixed by Clement Decrock of Boss Hog Studio France and mastered by Annihilator’s Jeff Waters at his Watersound Studio, Canada. “We wanted to have a loud, aggressive, high-gain and modern sound,” states Chris. “We worked in minute detail on every sound on this album, each guitar has been recorded using two different amps, we used a different bass than usual, we took a lot of time to design the drum sound as well. We wanted to produce something with a lot of personality…”


Backdawn I Shall Burn Your Empire Artwork

Artwork (as seen above) was completed by fellow French artist Ink4rt.


I Shall Burn Your Empire is out now!

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