Arch Enemy Join Future PR

Powerful, independent, intelligent, and overall highly fucking talented. In order to survive in the metal world you need more than just a decent helping of each of those qualities. One band wading through a deluge of it are Sweden’s Arch Enemy.
Arch Enemy – the newest addition to Future PR.
Founded by guitarist Michael Amott back in 1996, Arch Enemy were a breath of fresh air in the death metal scene and carved one of the first cornerstones in melodic death metal.
The first four years of the band were wrought with personnel changes but it all finally settled moving into the new millennium with German journalist Angela Gossow taking reign of vocals; a move that would catapult Arch Enemy to the forefront of metal media attention worldwide.
The latest addition to Arch Enemy’s bountiful back catalogue, ‘Khaos Legions’ was released in 2011 and was followed by a tour covering the world over (with footage due to be released on a ‘World Khaos Tour’ DVD.)
Most recently it was announced in March of this year that Chris Amott had left the band with Nick Cordle swiftly filling the void.
Future plans?… Watch this space…

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