Aktaion ‘Above Empires’ Out Now!

Aktaion Promo 2019

Today, Swedish melodic metal outfit Aktaion unleash their long awaited third album Above Empires.

Guitarist Francis Larsson comments, “We’re beyond excited to finally be able to release the result of almost two years of hard work. Together with amazing and skilled people such as Robert Kukla, Fredrik Nordström, Joey Concepcion, John Anderberg and Torstein Slåen we’ve managed to put together the absolute best musical experience since we formed in 2010. During these few months we’ve also been able to showcase a new visual part of the band in terms of our music videos and it all have led to today, when we can finally start a new chapter in the Aktaion story. Above Empires has finally arrived and we hope people will enjoy it as much as we did making it, and hearing it today.”

Aktaion - Above Empires Artwork

Listen to the album in full right now on Spotify, as well as all other major streaming platforms:

Above Empires is the third Aktaion full length following 2015’s Throne and 2016’s Parade of Nature. “With this album the main goal we wanted to achieve was to get straight to the point!” states guitarist Francis Larsson. “Riffs; straight to the point, song structures; straight to the point, lyrics; straight to the point. Before, we ventured into longer songs with many layers but this time we wanted to challenge ourselves in exploring fewer elements in each song, and getting the most out of each riff and melody. This album is also a first for Aktaion as we, in contrast to our first two albums, went into a studio. We collaborated with Studio Fredman and Obsidian Recording Studios for the recording, and mixing and mastering together with Fredrik Nordström. With this album we really took our time with writing and pre-production as we had almost a whole year to prepare for the studio. We recorded several versions of the songs, and from an early stage worked together with Robert Kukla at Obsidian Recording Studios. In the end we surpassed everything we done in the past in terms of sound and songs. This is the ultimate Aktaion experience.”

Watch ‘Know Peace’ Here:

Watch ‘In The Blink Of Eye’ Here:

Order Above Empires: http://www.aktaion.net


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