Aghast! ‘Something Else; Something Rotten’ Out Now!

Aghast Promo 2016

Hertfordshire extreme metallers Aghast! are currently trailblazing across the UK with their new release Something Else; Something Rotten in tow. The EP is out and streaming in full right now on Spotify!


The band joined forces with US based dubstep and D&B label Abducted Records, an unlikely collaboration perhaps, but a clash of two worlds none-the-less and one which resulted in five additional remixed tracks of the original three compositions.


“We’re so excited to finally be releasing Something Else; Something Rotten into the world,” commented vocalist James Anson. “We hope that people enjoy the EP as a whole, the new original material which gives a sense of where we’re heading with our next full length as well as the various remixes. We’d like to thank our long suffering producer Dez as well as Dorian and everyone at Abducted Records for producing some daring and inventive re-imaginings of our new tracks.”


Abducted Records label manager Dorian Whitcomb added, “Abducted Records continues to push the boundaries between heavy metal music and electronic with this collaboration with Aghast! Featuring three absolutely pulse pounding original tracks, paired with five equally energetic remixes, we are looking to cross between two worlds of aggression based music to create a new direction for the years to come. This release is not for the faint of heart, so throw up your fist, and be ready to head bang. This one is for the people who need it HEAVY!”


Aghast - Something Else; Something Rotten Artwork

Catch the band live across the UK at the following dates…


6th Oct – Lounge 666, London
7th Oct – The Firehouse, Southampton
8th Oct – Bantam, Northampton
9th Oct – Sticky Mikes, Brighton
14th Oct – Harveys, Luton
15th Oct – The Brewhouse, Warrington
16th Oct – The Firebug, Leicester
22nd Oct – Scotland TBA*
29th Oct – Club 85, Hitchin


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