Aborted, Paganizer, Oblivionized & Anaal Nathrakh For Obscene Extreme

One of the few death metal bands able to balance package tours and mainstream metal festivals, as well as their core underground fanbase, Belgium’s Aborted have always worked hard to strike that balance and remain true to their roots.
Following up 2008’s ‘Strychnine.213’, which perhaps alienated some fans of their earlier gore-laden efforts like 2003’s ‘Goremaddedon’, 2012’s ‘Global Flatline’ has been four years in the making (and resulted in an entirely new line-up except for vocalist Sven de Caluwé) but it’s more than worth the wait.
A combination of hardcore-flavoured chug and groove, massive production, and steamroller riffing, what you see at Obscene Extreme 2013 is the latest stage in this band’s incredible journey… and you’re going to love it.


Despite containing some of the most prolific musicians (ex-members of Deranged and Ribspreader among others) in the incredibly prolific Swedish death metal scene, Gamleby’s Paganizer are still made up of three of the four original founding members.
Of course some of them left after the band’s formation, but this link to the angry young shitkickers who came together for the first time in 1998 is what has made records like 2011’s ‘Into The Catacomb’ as furious and unpretentious slabs of old school death/thrash as anything from the early days of the scene.
Recording a new album in February – ‘World Lobotomy’ – expect some all-new razor-sharp Swedish death metal riffs to slice your skull open at Obscene Extreme 2013.


Techy London three-piece Oblivionized have been around since 2008, but it’s in 2012 that they really came of age – hitting festivals and touring endlessly, while their vicious three-track demo ‘Nullify The Cycle’ saw release through Grindcore Karaoke, the download-only label run by Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s J Randall.
With two splits out in January, Oblivionized are hitting 2013 even harder and what better way to follow up than by unleashing their brand of misanthropic technical death/grind over the crowd at Obscene Extreme?


If you think there’s no room for black metal at Obscene Extreme, you clearly haven’t heard the caustic evil of Birmingham, England’s Anaal Nathrakh!
With core members of grinding sludge unit Mistress and UK death metallers Benediction, Anaal Nathrakh combine epic black metal bombast with ear-splitting grindcore violence, and more recently touches of industrial and shrieking noise too – no wonder live members have included Napalm Death’s Shane Embury and Danny Herrera, and Lock-UP and Dimmu Borgir’s Nick Barker.
Anaal Nathrakh – and their seventh full-length, 2012’s ‘Vanitas’ – isn’t the sound of people pretending to be Vikings in the snow, it’s lighting-fast grinding venom that’ll turn the pit into a warzone.


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