Abhorrent Decimation Unveil ‘Miasmic Mutation’ Artwork & Trailer

Abhorrent Decimation Promo Picture 2015

Death metal quintet Abhorrent Decimation recently revealed the title, track list and release date for their hugely anticipated debut album, Miasmic Mutation. Today the UK based outfit unveil artwork and a trailer giving fans a very first and far too brief snippet of audio from the album.


Watch The Miasmic Mutation Trailer Here!


The band enlisted renowned Swedish artist Pär Olofsson (Bloodshot Dawn, Exodus, Hour Of Penance, Revocation) to complete the artwork for Miasmic Mutation. Vocalist Ashley Scott comments, “I had the name for the record a LONG time ago. As early as July 2014 I knew I wanted the record to be called Miasmic Mutation and I think originally I wanted something orange; super bright and obnoxious, something to juxtapose the look of the Infected Celestial Utopia EP. Writing was taking shape but slowly, I figured getting the art done would not only drive things forward in the project but I thought it would also force me into a place of inspiration for the concept and lyrics. I considered a few people for the job, I mailed Pär first off but was also talking with Seth Siro and a few other artists to see who was up for the project. Truly I got the best vibe from Pär, not to mention his huge back catalogue of amazing art; coincidently most of which adorns some my favourite death metal records. So once we got the small stuff out the way, we moved onto the concept. He asked for some very loose direction on the piece, which totally worked for me as I wanted him to have as much creative head room as possible. I think I shared three images with him, one of an icy landscape, one of an ominous cloud and then finally I sent him the Gustave Doré print ‘Satan’. I explained that I could see a vast icy landscape full of frozen bodies, and that I wanted a huge split in the ice to break up the landscape compositionally. From the horizon or split I wanted the ‘Miasmic Mutation’ to be taking form. I couldn’t find any reference images to explain what I was seeing in my head, so I pretty much left it to him. All I said was, ‘The mutation, I imagine to be made of gas, like smoke, it is taking on a physical form in the shape of a beast/monster, but it is not finished yet, so it has some physical features but is not fully transformed. You can interpret this entity as you see fit.” As for what the mutation signifies, I had just finished reading Dante’s ‘The Divine Comedy’ again and was really into the notion of personal exile and the journey of life in general, how we develop through age and learning, etc. The record addresses life, death and the afterlife. The mutation itself is a personification of my thoughts, encompassing all these notions of life, death and the afterlife.”


Check out the Miasmic Mutation art below!

Abhorrent Decimation Miasmic Mutation Artwork

Recorded by David Archer and mixed & mastered by Ronnie Björnström (Aeon, Apostasy, Bodyfarm, Krow), Miasmic Mutation will be released in various formats worldwide on September 25th.


Ashley Scott had recently shared some thoughts on the album, “The [Miasmic Mutation] material pushed us into a darker and heavier sounding place and I know this record will live up to and supersede all expectations. The combination of stellar engineering and recording by David Archer and the final expert mix and master from Ronnie Björnström has delivered such incredible results, I am so proud of what we have achieved.”


Abhorrent Decimation will tour through the UK in October in support of Miasmic Mutation, dates to follow.


Pre-Order the Miasmic Mutation from the band’s official website: www.abhorrentdecimation.com



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