Abhorrent Decimation Release ‘Miasmic Mutation’ Full Album Teaser

Abhorrent Decimation Promo Picture 2015

One of the UK’s most promising death metal bands Abhorrent Decimation recently revealed release details for their hugely anticipated debut album, Miasmic Mutation. Out September 25th, and with just over four weeks to D-Day, today marks the unveiling of a full album teaser; a video featuring a short clip from each song.


Watch The Miasmic Mutation Full Album Teaser Here!


Recorded and engineered by David Archer in the UK before making its way to Sweden to be mixed & mastered by sound wizard Ronnie Björnström (Aeon, Apostasy, Bodyfarm, Krow), the result is a death metal masterpiece.


In a sub-genre filled with mediocrity and where only those pushing boundaries are rising, Abhorrent Decimation are a breath of fetid air. The band harness a sound that is both brutal and catchy and that appeals to both the old school and the modern death metal fan. With Metal Hammer stating that, “The Londoners’ full-length debut will be one of 2015’s must-have death metal records,” this quintet have hit the nail on the head and are bang on the money.


Abhorrent Decimation Miasmic Mutation Artwork

The band enlisted renowned Swedish artist Pär Olofsson to complete the Miasmic Mutation artwork (as seen above), famed for his work with bands such as Bloodshot Dawn, Exodus, Hour Of Penance and Revocation to name a few.


Ashley Scott recently shared some thoughts on the album, “The [Miasmic Mutation] material pushed us into a darker and heavier sounding place and I know this record will live up to and supersede all expectations. I am so proud of what we have achieved.”


Speaking of the title, Miasmic Mutation, Ashley adds, “You can interpret this entity as you see fit. As for what the mutation signifies, I had just finished reading Dante’s ‘The Divine Comedy’ again and was really into the notion of personal exile and the journey of life in general, how we develop through age and learning, etc. The record addresses life, death and the afterlife. The mutation itself is a personification of my thoughts, encompassing all these notions of life, death and the afterlife.”


Abhorrent Decimation will tour throughout the UK in October in support of Miasmic Mutation, dates to follow.


Pre-Order Miasmic Mutation from the band’s official website: www.abhorrentdecimation.com



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